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Why our services
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50 % of the population suffers from visual dysfunctions.

Visual dysfunctions:
  • Hinder everyday life.
  • Diminish hand-eye coordination and increase clumsiness and risk of accidents.
  • Make reading more difficult and impede studying (effort, performance and grades).
  • Are often misdiagnosed and mistreated as ADHD due to the associated altered behavior.

Yet, less than 2% of the population receives these types of visual function services today (whether diagnosis or therapy).

Visual behavior may be also indicative of other problems: 
  • Psychological issues (i.e., some behavioral and emotional disorders, etc.)
  • Developmental issues (i.e., Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, etc.)
  • Neuropathologies (i.e., Parkinson’s , Alzheimer’s, etc.)

Professional associations of optometrists around the globe recommend visual function screenings at least every 2 years.

Who may benefit from our services

Children age 6 and above, adults and seniors. 

How it works

Adult setting
(can be modified for children)

What outcome you may expect

Very accurate and comprehensive analysis and diagnosis.

Easy-to-understand reports and recommendations.

Effective therapy with clear improvement, where progress is monitored in real time.

Where to go

We partner with ophthalmology clinics, hospitals, and optical shops, offering specific services in each one.

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